Ufologist Found Alien Fossil with Shrek Appearance on Mars

Self pro claimed ufologist Scott C Waring is back with yet another bizarre speculation This time the UFO hunter believes he has identified an alien fossil that looks like Shrek on the surface of Mars

Waring made the supposed discovery based on images captured on November 3 by the Curiosity rover sent by NASA to the red planet in 2011.

The face is more like that from the movie Shrek big and rounded like a troll wrote the UFO hunter on his blog UFO Sightings Daily He clearly has a lot of human traits.

After describing the Martian rock in detail Waring discarded the hypothesis that it was a sculpture and classified it as an alien fossil very well preserved

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If an alien species has more than three strands of DNA it will have skin muscles bones that are more compact more difficult to be decomposed in the environment explained the conspirator.

However Warings discovery it seems is based on a simple psychological phenomenon known as pareidolia when some vague and random stimulus is perceived as something distinct and meaningful Like for example visualizing Shrek on a Martian rock

Earlier Waring also claimed to have found a creature with tentacles in a photo of Mars Check it out below.

Warrens observations were made under coordinates 37°132626N 115°49237W Just paste the sequence into a search engine to see that inexplicable things happen in the famous baseDont leave it Elderly person presumed dead by mistake dies after being rescued from freezer.

UFO hunter Scott C Waring claims to have identified a creature with tentacles in an image depicting Martian soil.

The record was captured by Curiosity a probe sent to Planeta Vermelho by NASA
As Waring wrote on the UFO Sightings Daily blog there is much more to the image than just a desolate rocky surface.

I found this strange creature with tentacles in a photo of Mars reports Bombou at HORA 7 UFO makes never seen maneuver near International Space Station.

The animal has an exoskeleton and looks like a cross between a scorpion and a turtle See also Chupasnake Cow spotted with python in mouth on remote road.

Waring believes the creature feeds on the white filament above classified by him as a fungus which has grown like a plant.

However the British tabloid Express rejects the bloggers dubious speculation
According to the publication the image shows only an oddly shaped rock Probably defined by the brutal winds that lash the Martian surface In addition to supposed living organisms Waring also claims to have found art outside Earth Check out the following the Martian Mona Lisa.

UFO hunter Scott C Waring believes he has found a 16 m tall robot at Area 51 a US Air Force base in the state of Nevada As usual the conspiracy theorists discovery was made via Google EarthSee also Experts disclose possible location of Malaysia flight crash.

I found something really strange warned Waring on his blog the UFO sightings Daily
The trained eye of the experienced ufologist was captured by a dark humanoid figure present in the image above Worth the click Giant hole opens from day to night and swallows the whole house.

When I checked previous images of this location I noticed that the figure moves to the side he justifies Warren reached the measurement of 16 m through the ruler provided by the GoogleRead more tool Fish with a habit of devouring friends is depressed due to loneliness.

The expert has two hypotheses Maybe some United States Air Force soldier has been playing with this for years Or Area 51 try robots that are 16 m tall which could be used in combat missions.