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The year 2021’s major launch failures

The following is a list of unsuccessful space missions in 2021.

1) The failure of the iSpace Hyperbola-1 rocket

The 4-stage Hyperbola-1 rocket ended in failure during liftoff on February 1 during iSpace’s second-ever launch attempt. The cubesat-sized Fangzhou-2 (Ark-2) satellite passenger did not make it to space. “The launch mission failed because the rocket flew abnormally. The specific reasons are being researched and analyzed further “Xinhua, a Chinese state media outlet, stated in a brief media report at the period.


2) USAF hypersonic missile

The ARRW (AGM-183A Air-launched Rapid Response Weapon) prototype booster’s April 5 test deployment did not go as planned. The missile failed to deploy from the B-52H carrier aircraft, as well as the jet was returned to the Edwards Air Force Base facility in California with missile still fitted.


3) Electron booster failure at Rocket Lab

After an issue during the first several minutes of the launch, a Rocket Lab Electron rocket failed to achieve orbit on May 15. During the event, two Earth-observing satellites for the firm BlackSky were lost, with their voyage coordinated by Spaceflight. Electron’s two stages separated at Launch Complex 1 of Rocket Lab on Mahia Peninsula of New Zealand, and the launch failed less than three minutes later.


4) Failure of the Astra orbital test flight

After deploying its 2-stage Launch Vehicle 0006 from facility of Pacific Spaceport Complex on the Alaska’s Kodiak Island on August 28, Astra had a problem during an orbital flight test. Approximately 2.5 minutes after liftoff, the rocket had an issue, and the flight was aborted.


5) The iSpace Hyperbola-1 rocket

According to official media sources, a flight test by the Chinese firm iSpace was not able to reach space as planned on August 3. The deployment occurred in northwest-part of China from Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center facility.

In a brief article, Xinhua stated that “abnormal performance was observed during the flight of the rocket.  “The satellite, which was launched by the rocket, was not able to enter orbit on time.”


6) Failure of the Indian Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle

On August 12, the Indian Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle was unable to deploy a novel Earth observation satellite. The 3rd stage of the rocket malfunctioned to ignite as predicted shortly after liftoff from India’s Satish Dhawan Space Centre on the Sriharikota Island situated in eastern India, according to Indian Space Research Organization.


7) The first Alpha rocket from Firefly Aerospace explodes.

On September 2, Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha rocket took off on its first-ever orbital test mission. The rocket did not make it to space after taking off from the Vandenberg Space Force Base facility in California. The two-stage Alpha had a malfunction after 2.5 minutes of flight and burst ablaze.


8) Satellite failure following the successful launch of the Long March 3B rocket

According to sources, a Long March 3B rocket launched successfully from Xichang Satellite Launch Center facility in southwest China on September 27. The Shiyan-10 satellite, however, was lost. According to SpaceNews, Chinese state media affirmed the disaster, claiming the spacecraft was not working and was lost after an apparently normal mission the day before.

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