Recall 5 Air Accidents Involving Brazilian Personalities

The accident that took the life of singer Marília Mendonça and 4 other victims just over a week ago last 5th is no exception among Brazilian personalities Check out five other accidents involving public figures that ended with tragic deaths or only minor injuries Check out the causes and results of the most recent investigations.

According to information supplied by the singer the aircraft had a failure in the brake system left the runway and invaded a field And it wasnt just a scare According to information from the health unit Eduardo Costa suffered fractures in his right hand and nose in addition to having stitches in his mouth He was medicated and underwent xrays

In a more recent statement Eduardo attributes to the accident the reason for so many changes in appearance and various aesthetic procedures.

What I did was to be able to correct some things from the accident because it was very horrible a lot of scars a part of the face sank and if I had surgery it would take time and I had a show schedule I had sold 10 thousand tickets and I couldnt miss it he recalled.

In addition to the singer four other people were on the plane Only the artist was injured and was taken to Hospital.

In 2015 the two presenters and their family survived a forced landing of a small plane in Mato Grosso do Sul Accompanied by the couple the three children two nannies and two pilots who were piloting the aircraft were in the twinengine plane

On the day of the accident the staff of Santa Casa the hospital where the presenters were assisted informed that Angelica had suffered bruises and that other people on the aircraft were doing well

Six years after the incident police concluded that the installation of an inverted part caused a forced landing This part is the capacitor which is a component that sits inside the fuel tank Without proper installation the pilot had an incorrect reading of the available fuel whose level indicated on the panel appeared in greater quantity than actually existed in the aircraft at the time of the flight.

Even though the twinengine is allegedly linked to an alleged illegal purchase and sale of aircraft parts so far no individual has been held responsible for the error.

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