IMF Report Says World Average will be 5.9% Expansion by 2021

Economy minister Paulo Guedes said this Monday 15th at the Invest in Brazil Forum in Dubai United Arab Emirates that Brazil will grow 55 in 2021 above the world average But according to the latest report by the IMF International Monetary Fund the world average of growth in 2021 should be 59 therefore above the Brazilian growth

Alongside president Jair Bolsonaro and other ministers Guedes participates in the Brazilian Day at Expo Dubai the first major global event held after the new coronavirus pandemic The objective of the Brazilian Day is to attract investments to Brazil Guedes used as arguments to attract investors to Brazil the structural reforms that the Bolsonaro government has been promoting.

Brazil continues with the reforms an independent Central Bank fiscal triggers regulatory frameworks for natural gas oil railroads We continue to make a transformation with a major change of axis and we hope that you will participate in this change in the Brazil After decades of great growth Brazil fell into a trap of excessive state intervention.

First great mission that President Bolsonaro gave me was to change the axis of growth We want to be a great market economy 200 million of inhabitants in a mass consumption market whose growth is driven by private growth by large international investments said the minister.

At the end of his speech he said that Brazil awaits investment from the Emirates with open arms.
We have already vaccinated 65 of the adult population with two doses and we are returning to work The economy is growing 55 this year and we already have more than US 100 billion in contracts signed in electricity roads railways for the next ones natural gas ports said the minister.

According to the last October report by the IMF International Monetary Fund Brazil will grow 52 this year and 15 in 2022 The global average will be 59 this year and 49 in 2022 In other words in 2021 and especially in 2022 Brazil should grow less than the world average

Projections for the Brazilian market are also less optimistic than those of minister Paulo Guedes According to the latest Focus bulletin released by the Central Bank which gathers market projections Brazil should grow 49 in 2021 and only 1 in 2022.

You are our export hub for Asia and the petrodollar recycling hub for the Americas So we need this partnership and Brazil expects this year to reach half a trillion dollars in trade Brazil is starting to open up to new it was one of the most closed countries in the world and is opening up again Brazil awaits your investments with open arms.

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