Mercadona Recovers One Of Its Successes For Breakfast

Mercadona continues to expand its product catalog with one of the most traditional breakfasts in Spain, churros. Thus, the Valencian company brings a gluten-free product to homes that can be made in a matter of minutes and with ease.

The company has included in its novelties section a pack of eight frozen gluten-free and lactose-free churros from the Hacendado brand. The 150-gram package is priced at 2.60 euros and is now available in physical stores and the company’s online catalog.

Perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate (it is the presentation suggested by Mercadona on the package), these churros can be made easily at home. There are two ways to prepare them:

-If you have a fryer , the way to do them is to put them directly, without defrosting them and preferably with the oil at 180 degrees for about three minutes.

-They can also be made in the pan , without defrosting them. To do this, add the necessary oil to cover the churros, wait for it to heat up and once the oil is hot, add the churros and brown them to taste, approximately for about three minutes.

Mercadona warns its customers that, once defrosted, the churros cannot be refrozen. In addition, it is convenient to do them in batches “so as not to alter the temperature of the frying oil”.

Who is behind Mercadona’s churros
Although these churros are marketed under the brand name ‘Hacendado’, their manufacture corresponds to the company Horno Sant Honoret, which on its website is defined as a “completely certified gluten-free” workshop.

The company, based in Madrid, is one of the many others that has established itself as a Mercadona supplier , and beyond its churros it offers gluten-free products such as different types of bread, pizza bases, waffles, cookies and other custom-made products. the client’s.

This is the case of these gluten-free churros, which have returned to Mercadona after several months. As with other products, the firm removes them from the catalog to later reintroduce them. That is why now lovers of this traditional tran breakfast are (again) in luck.

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