You Can Get Today One Of The Most Requested And Cheap

The boom of oil-free fryers is indisputable. With the permission of the kitchen robots that have helped so much between stoves , these small appliances have fallen in love with us since their first appearance, as they have shown that, from French fries to chicken wings, everything can be a healthier snack!

Little more needs to be said about these gadgets that use hot air currents to understand much of their success in ecommerces , which also depends, let it be said, on the price to which they are subject. And, did you know that there are models that are available for 50 euros?

Enhance the flavors of autumn and gain health like never before.
As you read it and, if you go to the Cecotec web catalog, you will be able to check it. Since 20deCompras we have not been able to resist the temptation of the Compact Rapid Black that, for 49.90, if you choose the black and green model (the black and blue is now on sale for seven euros more) , it offers us all the basic features of fryers without oil.

A good opportunity to get a quality model without having to wait for Black Friday and face the risks that this entails: running out of units! Are you going to miss this opportunity?

Good reasons to choose it
Beyond the price, the Compact Rapid Black is one of Cecotec’s most chosen models thanks to the many features it offers at one of the lowest prices on the market. And it all starts with your design!

And it is that it has PerfectCook technology to ensure cooking with hot air that guarantees good results, crisp on the outside and pleasant on the inside ; but without taking up hardly any space on the countertops or shelves. A strong point to take into account in both large and small kitchens that will also allow us to bet on other fashionable appliances with which to speed up the times between stoves and ensure balanced menus.

Among other virtues, it should be noted that it is programmable whether we talk about time (from 0 to 30 minutes) or we do it about temperature (up to 200 degrees) to give the point that we like the most to our elaborations. You can also use it as an oven, thanks to the basket that it includes as an accessory . Its capacity is also not far behind when it comes to meeting our expectations: it is 1.5 liters, which translates into up to 400 grams of potatoes at a time, for example. And, yes, to take advantage of it, this oil-free fryer includes a complete recipe book that will show you the healthy world of healthy frying .

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