Iberdrola Escapes And ‘La Cartera’ Sets An Entry Price For Cellnex

There are investment opportunities that are narrowly missed and that has been the case of Iberdrola in the elEconomista Portfolio , which had set its entry price at 8.6 euros in recent weeks . However, the company chaired by Sánchez-Galán remained 1.2 cents from crossing this threshold, which gave entry to the active management tool proposed by this medium. From there, their titles have risen close to 10%, removing the possibility of future entry into the portfolio.

For this reason, the elEconomista Portfolio has chosen to remove Iberdrola from the radar to include another already known value, such as Cellnex , in which a purchase level will be set at 52 euros , of which it is currently at a 3% drop from current levels.

From a technical point of view, “the first objectives go through 57.6 and 59.60 euros, to later head towards historical highs, located at 61 euros per share and up to where there is a rise of 15%,” he explains. Joan Cabrero, Ecotrader advisor.

However, the consensus of analysts that Bloomberg collects is more ambitious and sets its target price for the next 12 months at 66.6 euros, which implies an upside potential of more than 25% from its current levels.

It should be remembered that Cellnex was in the initial portfolio of the tool and that it already left capital gains of 2,440 euros (33% profitability). His recommendation, which was already good, has recently improved, placing Cellnex in fourth place in the Ibex League of elEconomista, the ranking combined with the advice compiled by FactSet and Bloomberg.

3% profitability
In the rest of the tool’s values, the profit protection stops of IAG, Sacyr and Santander are maintained, which are the three most profitable strategies currently. In the portfolio as a whole, the profitability obtained since the beginning of the same, in February of this year, again exceeds 3%. In contrast, Ence, ACS and Endesa have double-digit losses.

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