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Plans for the Lethen Wind Farm have been submitted to the Scottish Government

The Scottish Government has approved Fred. Olsen Renewables’ application to build 17-turbine wind complex 10 kilometers north of Grantown-on-Spey. If accepted, the proposals will put forward a distinctive fuel poverty program that will assist local residents in lowering their energy bills and addressing fuel poverty in the area, as well as generating a significant community benefit fund and supporting Scotland’s net-zero goals.

Since early 2021, the proposals for Lethen Wind Farm facility have been the subject of community consultation. The design has been modified several times in response to local criticism, and the wind farm presently consists of 17 turbines with a tip height of 185 meters and a battery storage facility.

The comments obtained during the public consultation have also aided in shaping the local benefits which the project would provide. The establishment of the Lethen Wind Farm Energy Efficiency Program is one example.

The Lethen Wind Farm Energy Efficiency Program, Scotland’s first of its kind, will make it easier for people to think about how they heat their homes, move to a green tariff, and save money on their bills. With a focus on offering practical advice on the ground, the wind farm will help to facilitate a project that will:


* Appoint a local energy efficiency officer to oversee the program.

* Assist local households with fuel poverty and energy efficiency.

  • Identify and assist persons who live in households that are fuel poor.

* Provide more financial assistance in addition to existing financial assistance measures

* Assist in the implementation of energy efficiency measures for particular houses.

* Assist in the development of a community-wide energy-saving strategy.


“The ultimate concepts for Lethen Wind Farm are the product of considerable, and encouraging, stakeholder involvement,” Julie Aitken, who is the Project Manager at the Fred. Olsen Renewables company said. ” We are excited to present our proposals to the Scottish Government, and we are convinced that they will include a well-thought-out wind farm as well as a variety of local opportunities.”  “I’d want to express my gratitude to local folks for their enthusiasm; it is their feedback that has helped us develop our final suggestions.  Locally, there is a lot of focus on how to be more energy-efficient, deal with growing bills, and help individuals get out of fuel poverty. We are convinced that Lethen Wind Farm will be able to support this process and assist the local community in achieving net-zero energy in Scotland.”

Fred. Olsen Renewables is a renewable energy operator, developer, and owner with a history dating back to the mid-1990s. They are growing into new nations and new technologies, based on a strong presence in the UK and Scandinavia, where they have 11 operational wind farms and one under development. Over the previous few years, there has been an increased focus on renewable energy development, resulting in a cumulative project pipeline of about 4 GW in both onshore and offshore wind.

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