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Enel Green Power combines renewable energy with energy storage to improve system resiliency in the state of Texas

Enel Green Power (EGP) North America has started up 2 new clean power plants, comprising the company’s first hybrid renewables-plus-storage facility. These latest additions come as the company begins on a three-year expansion plan that includes the incorporation of 6.5 GW of additional renewable power and energy storage of 1.4 GW.

The Lily solar + storage project, that will generate 181 MW, is the firm’s first-ever hybrid venture in North America, combining a renewable energy facility with the utility-scale battery storage. Enel plans to construct about 600 MW of fresh storage capacity on Texas electricity grid by 2022, and this project comprises 55 MWdc of battery storage. Enel also started up the Rockhaven wind farm situated in Oklahoma, which has a capacity of 140 megawatts.

Enel Green Power is the fifth-largest wind and solar plant operator in North America, with plans to add 6.5 GW of the new renewables plus 1.4 GW of the storage capacity by the close of 2024, as part of an $8 billion expansion plan unveiled in November. Enel is currently building approximately 2 GW of new wind and solar power in the United States and Canada, as well as more than 550 MW of the battery storage capacity situated in Texas. Enel’s global target is to reach roughly 155 GW of deployed renewable capacity by the close of the decade, and the business presently has a mature production pipeline of approximately 12 GW. Meanwhile, Enel’s Creating Shared Value strategy continues to focus sustainability throughout its value chain in the North American region, supporting innovative projects like dual-use solar as well as investing in the resiliency of local communities.

The Lily solar + storage project, that is situated in the southeast part of Dallas in Kaufman County, Texas, consists of a 181 MW1 photovoltaic (PV) installation and a 55 MW2 battery. The program’s 421,400 PV bifacial panels are estimated to produce over 367 GWh per year, that is going to be delivered to a grid and used to charge the co-located battery, avoiding more than 242,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year. When solar power production is minimal, the battery storage system may dispatch electricity while also delivering a clean supply of power to the grid at times of high demand.

Red River Renewable Energy, LLC, which is a joint venture between MAP® Energy and Sun Chase Power, spearheaded and developed Lily solar venture. The Rockhaven wind farm, which is located in Oklahoma’s Murray and Carter counties, has 49 turbines that are estimated to create 616 GWh of energy every year, avoiding over 359,000 tons of CO2. Wellington Management will acquire electricity supplied to the grid by an 11 MW component of the project via a first-of-its-kind virtual PPA.

Wellington Management’s clean energy contract is planned to meet or surpass the electricity needs of all of their United States corporate offices, as well as the personal electricity usage of over 2,200 employees in the United States.  The Azure Sky solar + storage, Azure Sky wind + storage, Blue Jay solar + storage, and Ranchland wind + storage projects are currently under construction in Texas by Enel. In addition, the business is installing a 57 MW battery storage system near each of its 497 MW Roadrunner solar projects and 500 MW High Lonesome wind farm in West Texas. The business is also constructing the 250 MW 25 Mile Creek wind facility in Oklahoma as well as the 200 MW Alta Farms wind facility in Illinois in the United States.

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