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GE Renewable Energy has been selected for a wind repowering project in the Netherlands

Windkoepel Groen has chosen GE Renewable Energy to repower a portion of the Windplan Groen project in the Dutch province of Flevoland. GE will supply its 26 Cypress 6.0-164 onshore wind turbines to three wind farms (Ansjovisstroom, Hanze, and XY Wind) having a total installed capacity of 156 MW.

Repowering entails either substituting older units with new, higher-capacity turbines or upgrading them with more effective components, resulting in significant increases in wind farm production while prolonging the life of the wind farm in both situations. The three wind farms in the Netherlands are scheduled to be finished in 2023. A 25-year full-service agreement is also included in the agreement.

“We are ecstatic to have been chosen for the Windplan Groen project with our newest and most powerful onshore wind turbine,” Gilan Sabatier, GE’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of the Onshore Wind International, said. “This will greatly boost the wind farm’s energy output and provide the Netherlands with even more inexpensive and sustainable renewable electricity.  Older wind farms will be repowered with more powerful turbines, which will help Europe meet its aim of it becoming carbon neutral by the year 2050. We are committed to assisting operators around Europe in increasing the production of their wind fields using our Cypress technology.”

The Windplan Groen initiative in Flevoland province is managed by Windkoepel Groen, a partnership between local citizens and entrepreneurs. Upwards of 400 farmers, as well as residents, are actively involved in the project’s development. Windplan Groen is the Netherlands’ largest onshore wind farm in terms of output and installed capacity, with 90 wind turbines spread throughout 11 wind parks and a capacity of 500 MW. The project contributes significantly to the Netherlands’ national target of 16% sustainable energy by the year 2023. The annual output of Windplan Groen will be around 1.9 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh).

The 6.0-164 turbine, which will be available in November 2020, is the most recent and powerful model in GE’s Cypress platform range, which also comprises the 5.5-158, 5.3-158, and 4.8-158 turbines. The Cypress 6.0-164 model boosts the AEP (Annual Energy Production) by up to 11% over the 5.3-158 model and can power up to 5,800 European households. GE Renewable Energy has already received over 6.8 GW of bookings for its Cypress turbines since its launch in several locations across the world.

At the GE Renewable Energy, they use the earth’s most plentiful resources – the wind’s strength, the sun’s heat, and the pressure of water – to fuel the world’s largest economies and isolated villages. They engineer energy solutions and digital services that provide industry-leading value to our clients all over the world, thanks to their innovative spirit and entrepreneurial approach. Everywhere they look, they see the potential of renewable energy.

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