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The O&M contract for a 210MW hydro facility in Brazil has been awarded to GE Renewable Energy

Igarapava Hydroelectric Power Plant, which produces 210MW and situated in Rio Grande in Paraná River Basin in Brazil, has signed a deal with Hydro Solutions of GE Renewable Energy to offer comprehensive operations and maintenance (O&M). Igarapava, according to GE, was a pioneer in the utilization of the bulb turbine in Brazil, which improves energy generation from dams with fast-moving water as well as exceptionally low heads (below 20 m from top to bottom of the dam).

“The plant is nearly 23 years old, and our priority is to keep Igarapava under excellent management.  As a result, we identified the need for a partner like GE Renewable Energy to conduct the operation and maintenance with high technological capability and knowledge in order to avoid risks,” said Cláudio Silva, who works as the general manager (GM) of Igarapava Hydroelectric Power Plant.

“In addition to technical knowledge, GE Renewable Energy’s staff has demonstrated a commitment to high-standard practices in safety, governance, health, and people development, which reflects positively in day-to-day operations.” GE Renewable Energy was a major supplier throughout the building as well as installation of Igarapava. The company will be responsible for the operation as well as maintenance of all 5 42MW hydroelectric producing units under new contract.

GE Renewable Energy is going to operate the facility 24 hours a day to complete the contract scope. The GE team is also in charge of developing and implementing the whole plant maintenance program, which covers everything from routine tasks to predictive and preemptive actions, as well as unplanned maintenance.

“The customer’s confidence in our knowledge and experience in the operation and maintenance of hydroelectric facilities, gathered during more than 20 years of operating in this sector in Brazil,” says Pascal Radue, who is the current president as well as chief executive officer (Chief Executive Officer) of GE Renewable Energy’s Hydro firm.

“We reiterate our commitment to assisting in the creation of clean, affordable, and dependable power for millions of Brazilians by assisting in the optimization of plant operations so that they may make the best use of their resources and assets to satisfy the country’s need for electricity.”

GE Renewable Energy Company is a $15.7 billion company that brings together a diverse portfolio of renewable energy assets to deliver end-to-end solutions to customers looking for dependable and inexpensive green electricity. Offshore and Onshore wind, storage, blades, utility-scale solar, hydro, and grid solutions, hybrid renewables as well as digital services, are all available through the company.

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