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City Of Paulo To Start 18th Booster Dose For COVID

The city of Paulo will start this Thursday (18th) to apply the booster dose of the Covid-19 vaccine in people over 18 years old, with an interval of five months after the complete vaccination schedule.

According to the municipal secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido, the new stage of vaccination will follow the same scheme announced on Tuesday (16) by the Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga .

Reinforcement of the vaccine after 5 months: ask questions Why is it natural for vaccine protection to drop over time.

According to data from the Municipal Health Department, Pfizer, an immunizing agent that will be used as a booster, corresponds to 95% of the stock available in the municipal immunization service.

This Tuesday, the Ministry of Health announced the reduction of the interval from six to five months after the complete vaccination schedule.

In addition, from now on, the additional dose is available for anyone over 18 years of age. Before, only elderly and immunosuppressed and health professionals were allowed.

The federal government also announced that, two months after the first dose, those vaccinated with Janssen will be able to take another application of the same vaccine.

The state of Paulo is waiting to send doses to define how it will follow new guidelines for the immunizing agent .

video circulating on social media shows a school on the same beach and on the same day an 11-year-old boy was injured in Ilha Comprida , on the coast of São Paulo, on Monday (15).

According to the city hall, a school of an unidentified species bumped into and injured the child. Carlos Alexandre Oliveira Marques was rescued at the Emergency Care Unit (UPA) in the city and needed stitches in his leg

UPDATE: On the afternoon of Tuesday (16), the Ilha Comprida City Hall backed down and stated that, after analysis, experts said that the boy was not attack.


Recall 5 Air Accidents Involving Brazilian Personalities

The accident that took the life of singer Marília Mendonça and 4 other victims just over a week ago last 5th is no exception among Brazilian personalities Check out five other accidents involving public figures that ended with tragic deaths or only minor injuries Check out the causes and results of the most recent investigations.

According to information supplied by the singer the aircraft had a failure in the brake system left the runway and invaded a field And it wasnt just a scare According to information from the health unit Eduardo Costa suffered fractures in his right hand and nose in addition to having stitches in his mouth He was medicated and underwent xrays

In a more recent statement Eduardo attributes to the accident the reason for so many changes in appearance and various aesthetic procedures.

What I did was to be able to correct some things from the accident because it was very horrible a lot of scars a part of the face sank and if I had surgery it would take time and I had a show schedule I had sold 10 thousand tickets and I couldnt miss it he recalled.

In addition to the singer four other people were on the plane Only the artist was injured and was taken to Hospital.

In 2015 the two presenters and their family survived a forced landing of a small plane in Mato Grosso do Sul Accompanied by the couple the three children two nannies and two pilots who were piloting the aircraft were in the twinengine plane

On the day of the accident the staff of Santa Casa the hospital where the presenters were assisted informed that Angelica had suffered bruises and that other people on the aircraft were doing well

Six years after the incident police concluded that the installation of an inverted part caused a forced landing This part is the capacitor which is a component that sits inside the fuel tank Without proper installation the pilot had an incorrect reading of the available fuel whose level indicated on the panel appeared in greater quantity than actually existed in the aircraft at the time of the flight.

Even though the twinengine is allegedly linked to an alleged illegal purchase and sale of aircraft parts so far no individual has been held responsible for the error.


IMF Report Says World Average will be 5.9% Expansion by 2021

Economy minister Paulo Guedes said this Monday 15th at the Invest in Brazil Forum in Dubai United Arab Emirates that Brazil will grow 55 in 2021 above the world average But according to the latest report by the IMF International Monetary Fund the world average of growth in 2021 should be 59 therefore above the Brazilian growth

Alongside president Jair Bolsonaro and other ministers Guedes participates in the Brazilian Day at Expo Dubai the first major global event held after the new coronavirus pandemic The objective of the Brazilian Day is to attract investments to Brazil Guedes used as arguments to attract investors to Brazil the structural reforms that the Bolsonaro government has been promoting.

Brazil continues with the reforms an independent Central Bank fiscal triggers regulatory frameworks for natural gas oil railroads We continue to make a transformation with a major change of axis and we hope that you will participate in this change in the Brazil After decades of great growth Brazil fell into a trap of excessive state intervention.

First great mission that President Bolsonaro gave me was to change the axis of growth We want to be a great market economy 200 million of inhabitants in a mass consumption market whose growth is driven by private growth by large international investments said the minister.

At the end of his speech he said that Brazil awaits investment from the Emirates with open arms.
We have already vaccinated 65 of the adult population with two doses and we are returning to work The economy is growing 55 this year and we already have more than US 100 billion in contracts signed in electricity roads railways for the next ones natural gas ports said the minister.

According to the last October report by the IMF International Monetary Fund Brazil will grow 52 this year and 15 in 2022 The global average will be 59 this year and 49 in 2022 In other words in 2021 and especially in 2022 Brazil should grow less than the world average

Projections for the Brazilian market are also less optimistic than those of minister Paulo Guedes According to the latest Focus bulletin released by the Central Bank which gathers market projections Brazil should grow 49 in 2021 and only 1 in 2022.

You are our export hub for Asia and the petrodollar recycling hub for the Americas So we need this partnership and Brazil expects this year to reach half a trillion dollars in trade Brazil is starting to open up to new it was one of the most closed countries in the world and is opening up again Brazil awaits your investments with open arms.


AstraZeneca Sells Two Almirall Drugs For 233 Million

AstraZeneca gets rid of two drugs purchased from Almirall seven years ago. The British pharmaceutical company has sold the drugs Eklira and Duaklir to Covis for 233 million euros to be marketed worldwide. Both drugs, indicated for COPD, require for their administration a device that the Spanish company also sold to AstraZeneca: Genuair. The deal will close before the end of the year.

The transaction itself has no economic impact for Almirall, but the same agreements signed in the past are maintained. For this reason, the Spanish pharmaceutical company will continue to receive payments for regulatory or commercial milestones as well as royalties from the sales of products. In addition, it can be expected that Covis will give a boost to the sales of these drugs, since in 2018 it began to buy part of the respiratory area from AstraZeneca, an operation that continues with the purchase announced yesterday.

During the past year, the drugs sold 143 million dollars, according to AstraZeneca. The Spanish stock market has positively valued the operation for Almirall. In a context of generalized increases, the pharmaceutical scale almost 3%.

The respiratory area was one of the pillars of the Spanish company at the beginning of the last decade. However, the company decided to specialize in the area of ​​medical dermatology and one of the major decisions made as a result of the change in strategy was the sale of this business. In 2014 they signed the transfer with AstraZeneca in exchange for 1,500 million euros.

Since then, the company has been developing its new portfolio, which is now beginning to see the light of day in the markets. The new batch, with Klisyri and Seysara at the head, are called to replace the sales harvested by Aczone, whose commercial path begins to deteriorate due to the arrival of generic drugs.

Another good news about these drugs is that Seysara will be manufactured in Spain. The new medical dermatology antibiotic will be made in Barcelona to supply the United States market. Almirall already has FDA authorization to develop it in Sant Andreu de la Barca.

Box after Caelum
Just over a month ago, AstraZeneca decided to undertake the purchase of the pharmaceutical company Caelum to strengthen its portfolio of orphan drugs. In that operation, the British multinational spent some 500 million dollars, an amount that it managed to partially recover yesterday with the sale of a part of the respiratory business it owns.


Mercadona Recovers One Of Its Successes For Breakfast

Mercadona continues to expand its product catalog with one of the most traditional breakfasts in Spain, churros. Thus, the Valencian company brings a gluten-free product to homes that can be made in a matter of minutes and with ease.

The company has included in its novelties section a pack of eight frozen gluten-free and lactose-free churros from the Hacendado brand. The 150-gram package is priced at 2.60 euros and is now available in physical stores and the company’s online catalog.

Perfect to be enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate (it is the presentation suggested by Mercadona on the package), these churros can be made easily at home. There are two ways to prepare them:

-If you have a fryer , the way to do them is to put them directly, without defrosting them and preferably with the oil at 180 degrees for about three minutes.

-They can also be made in the pan , without defrosting them. To do this, add the necessary oil to cover the churros, wait for it to heat up and once the oil is hot, add the churros and brown them to taste, approximately for about three minutes.

Mercadona warns its customers that, once defrosted, the churros cannot be refrozen. In addition, it is convenient to do them in batches “so as not to alter the temperature of the frying oil”.

Who is behind Mercadona’s churros
Although these churros are marketed under the brand name ‘Hacendado’, their manufacture corresponds to the company Horno Sant Honoret, which on its website is defined as a “completely certified gluten-free” workshop.

The company, based in Madrid, is one of the many others that has established itself as a Mercadona supplier , and beyond its churros it offers gluten-free products such as different types of bread, pizza bases, waffles, cookies and other custom-made products. the client’s.

This is the case of these gluten-free churros, which have returned to Mercadona after several months. As with other products, the firm removes them from the catalog to later reintroduce them. That is why now lovers of this traditional tran breakfast are (again) in luck.


1,500 Apartments For Sale For Singles For 66,000 Euros On Average

One of the new and more common home buyer profiles is that of a single person who decides to live alone. For this type of person, there is good news: 1,500 apartments have just gone up for sale at a very interesting price.

As reported by the Idealista portal , the real estate company Solvia has launched a new commercial campaign called Homes for Singles . It consists of 1,500 flats of about 70 m2 in size , with one and two bedrooms, starting at about 66,000 euros on average and with an average mortgage of 220 euros per month.

According to the portal, the houses are mainly in the Valencian Community, Murcia, Catalonia and Andalusia.

“With a 25-year mortgage, and taking into account that banks usually ask for 20% of the capital saved , the monthly cost to pay would be about 220 euros. A totally acceptable amount if the SMI is taken as a reference (965 euros gross per month) “, collects Solvia in its campaign.

Regarding autonomous communities, the homes are distributed as follows: Valencian Community (370 homes), Murcia (290), Catalonia (240), Andalusia (200), Castilla-La Mancha (60), Castilla y León (40), Galicia (40) and Principality of Asturias (40).

By provinces , the distribution is as follows: Castellón (160), Alicante (140), Almería (90), Tarragona (90), Valencia (70), Barcelona (70), Granada (50), Girona (40), Lleida ( 40) and Toledo (40).

Regarding prices, the cheapest provinces are Granada, with an average price of 40,000 euros on average, Toledo (42,300 euros) and Valencia (54,000 euros). The highest average prices can be found in Castellón (83,600 euros), Girona (93,700 euros) or in Barcelona (94,700 euros).


You Can Get Today One Of The Most Requested And Cheap

The boom of oil-free fryers is indisputable. With the permission of the kitchen robots that have helped so much between stoves , these small appliances have fallen in love with us since their first appearance, as they have shown that, from French fries to chicken wings, everything can be a healthier snack!

Little more needs to be said about these gadgets that use hot air currents to understand much of their success in ecommerces , which also depends, let it be said, on the price to which they are subject. And, did you know that there are models that are available for 50 euros?

Enhance the flavors of autumn and gain health like never before.
As you read it and, if you go to the Cecotec web catalog, you will be able to check it. Since 20deCompras we have not been able to resist the temptation of the Compact Rapid Black that, for 49.90, if you choose the black and green model (the black and blue is now on sale for seven euros more) , it offers us all the basic features of fryers without oil.

A good opportunity to get a quality model without having to wait for Black Friday and face the risks that this entails: running out of units! Are you going to miss this opportunity?

Good reasons to choose it
Beyond the price, the Compact Rapid Black is one of Cecotec’s most chosen models thanks to the many features it offers at one of the lowest prices on the market. And it all starts with your design!

And it is that it has PerfectCook technology to ensure cooking with hot air that guarantees good results, crisp on the outside and pleasant on the inside ; but without taking up hardly any space on the countertops or shelves. A strong point to take into account in both large and small kitchens that will also allow us to bet on other fashionable appliances with which to speed up the times between stoves and ensure balanced menus.

Among other virtues, it should be noted that it is programmable whether we talk about time (from 0 to 30 minutes) or we do it about temperature (up to 200 degrees) to give the point that we like the most to our elaborations. You can also use it as an oven, thanks to the basket that it includes as an accessory . Its capacity is also not far behind when it comes to meeting our expectations: it is 1.5 liters, which translates into up to 400 grams of potatoes at a time, for example. And, yes, to take advantage of it, this oil-free fryer includes a complete recipe book that will show you the healthy world of healthy frying .


BBVA Increases The Investment Of Its Social Plan By 33%

BBVA will invest 550 million euros from 2021 to 2025 in social inclusion projects. The entity increases its allocation to this strategy by almost 33%, compared to the 414.5 million it allocated in the previous plan. The bank headed by Carlos Torres thus reinforces the ‘S’ of ESG (the criteria of Environmental, Social and Governance, or Medio Mmbiente, Social y Gobernanza, in Spanish). On the one hand, investors increasingly take these criteria into account when making decisions, while, on the other, bank managers have been linking their bonuses to the achievement of objectives in this regard for several years.

According to the CEO of BBVA, Onur Genç, this social plan is the “most ambitious” that the entity has implemented to date . “Sustainability is a strategic priority for BBVA. We want to contribute to the fight against climate change and inclusive growth,” he said.

The plan is based on three focuses of action. The first of them will work to reduce inequality and promote entrepreneurship. Within this pillar, the bank will focus primarily on supporting entrepreneurs through the BBVA Microfinance Foundation, allocating 7,000 million euros to finance 4.5 million vulnerable entrepreneurs through small loans.

The second pillar will focus on the fight against social and economic inequality, to which the entity will allocate 115 million euros in the next four years to support organizations focused on social assistance and the development of financial education programs, which will benefit directly to more than three million people. Likewise, non-financial support programs will be developed, such as ‘BBVA Momentum’, ‘Women Entrepreneur’ in Turkey or ‘My first Company’ in Argentina, for which 40 million euros will be allocated.

The second focus of the plan will be focused on creating opportunities through education . This plan, endowed with 215 million euros, will focus on educational access and quality programs; closing the digital divide in the field and free access to educational content.

Finally, the third focus, for which 180 million euros will be invested, will focus on supporting research and culture . This includes support programs for researchers and creators in the field of economics, science and culture, such as the Frontiers of Knowledge awards.

BBVA develops its social programs within the framework of multi-year community investment plans in all the countries where the group is present.

Boost to entrepreneurs
BBVA, within the framework of its social inclusion strategy and through various initiatives, will support five million entrepreneurs, help more than three million people have a quality education and train one million people in financial education. In total, these programs will reach 100 million people in that period , which runs from 2021 to 2025. The latest plan, developed between 2016 and 2019, benefited more than 35 million people.


The Bank Turns Around In A Year And Already Has A Profitability Of 10%

The country’s listed banks, with the exception of Sabadell , already have a profitability (ROE, return on capital) close to 10%, which is expected to be achieved throughout this last semester. The financial sector is rebuilding after the worst of the pandemic and turns 180 degrees in just one year: the most significant entities in the country had a negative return of 3.5% at the end of September 2020.

In fact, with the exception of Bankinter, which in recent years has consolidated ROE levels above 10%, the current photograph shows the best profitability data for the country’s large banks since 2015, the date on which the European Central Bank (ECB ), set interest rates to zero.

While waiting for the banks to present results this week with Bankinter as the starting signal, Santander placed its ROE in the first half of the year at 9.53%; BBVA , at 10.4%; CaixaBank , at 8.2% and the bank headed by María Dolores Dancausa, at 9.5%.

The relief measures implemented during the pandemic for families and companies, such as the mortgage and consumer credit moratoriums, among others, together with the ERTEs, prevented a wave of defaults in the financial sector that, unlike the last major crisis, where the NPL ratio climbed to 13%, is currently down.

Specifically, the whole of the sector in Spain closed July (the last month for which there is data) with a default of 4.39%, the lowest level since March 2009. The worst default forecasts, which pointed to a default of 10% With a view to the end of this year or the beginning of the next , they have already dissipated, and are currently between 5% and 8%, with a ceiling in 2022, and manageable for the financial sector with the provisions made throughout last year.

The terror of defaults, although no one rules out a rise, only a worse scenario, is added the recovery of the economy, a tailwind for the banks, given the expected recovery of consumer credit, and the improvement in the markets. For now, this accelerated recovery of the economy has already given way to inflation (as in most countries) which, while the ECB still considers it transitory, an argument with which it avoids a rate hike, the market discounts that it is going to stay longer than expected, registering great volatility.

In fact, the CEO of CaixaBank, Gonzalo Gortázar, asked the supervisor on Friday not only to work with a scenario in which inflation is transitory, but to assess its prolongation over time. In this case, if persistent inflation above 2% were to be confirmed, the supervisor could raise interest rates to correct prices, blown in favor of the financial sector. It should be noted that a rise of one point in the Euribor (something that is not expected in the short or medium term)supposes an income of 2,000 million more to the year for the great bank .

The market consensus already expects better results for the end of September than before the pandemic (specifically 40% more), with profits of 14.6 billion.


Iberdrola Escapes And ‘La Cartera’ Sets An Entry Price For Cellnex

There are investment opportunities that are narrowly missed and that has been the case of Iberdrola in the elEconomista Portfolio , which had set its entry price at 8.6 euros in recent weeks . However, the company chaired by Sánchez-Galán remained 1.2 cents from crossing this threshold, which gave entry to the active management tool proposed by this medium. From there, their titles have risen close to 10%, removing the possibility of future entry into the portfolio.

For this reason, the elEconomista Portfolio has chosen to remove Iberdrola from the radar to include another already known value, such as Cellnex , in which a purchase level will be set at 52 euros , of which it is currently at a 3% drop from current levels.

From a technical point of view, “the first objectives go through 57.6 and 59.60 euros, to later head towards historical highs, located at 61 euros per share and up to where there is a rise of 15%,” he explains. Joan Cabrero, Ecotrader advisor.

However, the consensus of analysts that Bloomberg collects is more ambitious and sets its target price for the next 12 months at 66.6 euros, which implies an upside potential of more than 25% from its current levels.

It should be remembered that Cellnex was in the initial portfolio of the tool and that it already left capital gains of 2,440 euros (33% profitability). His recommendation, which was already good, has recently improved, placing Cellnex in fourth place in the Ibex League of elEconomista, the ranking combined with the advice compiled by FactSet and Bloomberg.

3% profitability
In the rest of the tool’s values, the profit protection stops of IAG, Sacyr and Santander are maintained, which are the three most profitable strategies currently. In the portfolio as a whole, the profitability obtained since the beginning of the same, in February of this year, again exceeds 3%. In contrast, Ence, ACS and Endesa have double-digit losses.