More Retired Primates Now Being Sent to the Sanctuaries

More Retired Primates Now Being Sent to the Sanctuaries

More research labs are now sending back their research primates after they get retired. Primates Inc., a 17-acre sanctuary is one among many such where these apes are being sent after research on them is getting completed. The sanctuary is situated at rural area in central Wisconsin where these monkeys are allowed to remain there for the rest of their lives.

This is a unique opportunity for some apes who experience the outside world for the first time. Most of these monkeys have spent their lives as research subjects locked up in a lab. The sanctuary now holds five rhesus macaques who live in an environment that supports their free growth by providing a lot of space and liberty. Amy Kerwin had tried for 15 years to make the Westfield, Wisconsin, sanctuary functional after she was getting employed in a research lab at the University of Wisconsin. She said, “Just to see them look around in amazement. You know it was all very calm and peaceful.”

According to the latest data released from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, there were close to 110,000 primates present in the research facilities in the year 2017. After the advanced technologies have made their way into the research labs, lesser and lesser primates are being euthanized. The researchers also promote this new bill that involves resettling the monkeys after they retire rather than putting them down.

The new bill which was introduced last month now requires federal agencies to come up with a place to settle the primates after the tests on them have been concluded. The bill doesn’t however solve the problem of funding. Research Animal Retirement Foundation which was created by some research students, graduate students etc., has raised over $33,000 in funds and given to the 3 monkeys that went to the Wisconsin sanctuary. The money was raised by the members so that the labs can pay the sanctuaries for the retirement of the monkeys.  The group has been active since 2015 in such projects.